More Than A Groom

What Sets this Spa Apart from the Rest?

The Holistic and Knowledge Based Approach

I strive to go above and beyond the standards of grooming so that you and your pup receive individualized professional care. I use fear free techniques to create a bond with each dog for a better experience. This Includes treats, gentle approach, proper handling, aromatherapy, and behavioral analysis. The salon can accommodate dogs of all kinds. From reactive to happy-go-lucky, elderly or puppy; dogs are not a one size fits all and should be treated like the unique family members they are. Condos and kennels are available for those who would like to have their own cozy safe space as well as cots for those who may prefer to be in a more open environment. I do not rush dogs through like an assembly line. I take the time to truly pamper them and understand their needs as well as yours.

Transfurmations is about more than what you see on the outside, it is also a transformation of character.

26 North Main st Rochester NH 03867