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Canine Massage

Now accepting clients for massage certification hours

At Transfurmations, we truly want more for the dogs in our care. That is why we offer Swedish massage, Sports massage, and Shiatsu. Using various massage techniques and aromatherapy enables us to best aid in the healing process of the body.

Dogs suffering from sore, tight muscles may under go cold or hot towel treatment. Each dog will be evaluated to determine the best course of action for their massage visit. 

If you have a dog that is highly active, does sports, is elderly, has chronic conditions (anxiety, GI upset, skin sensitivity) this service is for you!

*dogs must be comfortable relaxing for extended periods*

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Canine Massage : Welcome
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Preparation and After Care


Before: Leash walk for at least 10 minutes before a massage to get blood flowing, release stress, and a chance to potty


light exercise only for 1-2 days after the massage.

Talk to your vet about adding electrolytes to your dog’s water or food for a couple days following a massage to encourage them to drink more (will help flush lactic acid out of the tissues).

Canine Massage : About
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Spa Salts and Stones
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Canine Massage : Services

Sports Massage

The most popular form of massage for most canines. Swedish massage is incorporated while also using heat and cooling to target muscles. Perfect for working and high-activity dogs.


This form of massage uses specific points in the body on the energy meridians  to relief tension and help regain function in specific areas of the body such as respiratory, GI, or skin issues.

Swedish Massage

For relaxation and loosening of knots. Also increases blood circulation. A perfect addition to grooming appointments to release tension.

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