Full Service


We offer all inclusive grooming services!*


Whether it be a short haired dog in need of a skin care regimen, a thick shedding dog, or a dog in need of a cut and style, our clients get it all!


*Nails trimmed and filed

*Tooth brushing 

*Ears cleaned

*tearless facial

*deep coat massage

*hydrating conditioner


*Anal gland expression

(upon request)

*Haircut and style 


Creative Grooming and Fashion Color

Let your dog's be as colorful as their personality. Brittney is certified in safe coloring and lightening techniques. All products used are formulated for pets.


* Semi and Permanent Fashion Color

* Funky Color pastel shampoos


*Hair gems

*Nail Polish

*must be comfortable for grooming, in good condition, and have healthy skin

Get discounts on Holiday designs!

Must be booked 2 weeks in advance


Walk in Nail Trims 

Nail trims are vital to preventing unwanted scratches, tiny bone fractures, joint issues, and deformities. We recommend most dog come in once a month at least for nail trims 


*lifestyles and genetics may vary length of time between nail trims

Fancy Feet Membership

unlimited nail trims 

$30 per month

Special Perks


Spa Packages

Brilliant Coats Club


Perfect for dogs who need medicated baths or  maintaining coat

Get your fifth bath FREE 


*must be within a 4 week time period of last grooming appointment to be eligible for special bath pricing and punch card


Mud Treatment
A hand picked mud specific to your dog's needs 
Mobility- sooth muscles and joints
Mango- Vitamin packed detox free radicals for allergies  
Shed Safe- greatly reduce shedding and moisturize

Intense Coat Repair
Clarifying treatment and an Amino Acid packed conditioner.  Rejuvenating and perfect for over brushed and damaged coat