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What's included in my dog's groom and How Much Does It Cost?

We offer all inclusive grooming and bath treatments. This includes everything your pup needs! There is no up charge for breed standard grooming. What does that mean? You won't be charged extra for us to use a special product to properly de-shed your husky! 
Every dog receives a nail trim and filing, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (if necessary), specialized hydromassage bath for their dog’s skin and coat needs, hand wash, tearless facial scrub, tooth brushing, blow out,  mud mask, and breed standard hair clip/de-shed or modified trim to your specifications.

Call or Text for a Quote! All dog's are different and will vary.

What is Fear Free grooming?

Fear Free grooming uses positive reinforcement ideals to build bonds with the dogs in our care. We understand the need for gentle approach, as not all dogs are accustomed to grooming or may have behavioral adversities. This is why we use fear free methods to form trust for a better grooming experience. Treat reinforcement, aromatherapy, and client/groomer/trainer/vet collaboration are some examples of what can be expected with fear free grooming. 

My dog is anxious. How do you care for his/her needs?

As mentioned, Fear Free techniques help immensely in overcoming anxiety. Having a dog of my own who is also very shy and anxious helps me better understand their needs. Before you have even reached the grooming salon, try to take these steps to build confidence in your pup:

  • Practice and reward going in and out of the car and through doorways. Use high reward treats like hotdogs

  • Stop in for a visit and get your pup used to the smells and space prior to your appointment. (there may be a special treat waiting for them at the counter! )

  • Talk to the vet about anxiety medication or use herbal calming supplements.

  • Ask questions. The more confident you are in their visit, the better they will adapt. Dogs can sense anxiety or fear from you. 

We also use calming essential oil diffusers and a very light mix of water and calming blend on their kennel bed. Gentle music may also be playing.

When we approach you for your appointment, we will ignore your dog so they can come to us on their terms and have a chance to acclimate. Behavior is key to success!

What do I need for the first appointment?

By law rabies vaccinations are required. They must be emailed to or in hand at your appointment. We cannot use the tag number. 

You will be emailed forms to fill out so we can get to know both of your needs and preferences.

Leashes are required to enter the building. 

If possible, the primary pet parent should be present for the first appointment check-in

I have to work can my dog stay?

Yes. As long as your dog is kennel trained and relaxed, they may stay.

Can I stay for my dog's grooming?

Dogs do best without the company of their owners. Most times they will become reluctant to come with us and wiggly when they know you are present. It is typically much calmer and safer if you are absent. If you are anxious about this, please communicate with me so I can walk you through the process. I would love to talk with you!

Is color harmful?

With creative services becoming more main stream, this is a very popular concern. There is nothing harmful or cruel about creative services when approached in a professional manner. Different considerations are taken before determining if a dog is a good candidate for color or creative services. 

  1. Are they able to stand?

  2. Do they have healthy skin?

  3. Do they enjoy grooming? 

If the answer is yes, then they are safe to be colored! We do NOT practice coloring on dogs who do not enjoy it.


Often times it is also a great bonding experience full of rewards. You can also use it as an identifier. No one is going to misplace a hot pink poodle running around in NH

There are also introductory styles of creative color that don't require longer periods of sitting such as chalk or funky colored shampoo. These methods require little to no extra steps to the grooming process.

For more info please feel free to call.

Hours of Operation

CLOSED: Sunday - Tuesday

OPEN: Wed-Saturday 8am-8pm

**hours by appointment

Same day nail trims available!

FAQ: Opening Hours
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